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Finally became possible also push notification on the web site

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You can send push notification with Google Chrome 42. and also take advantage in the Web site of the engagement approach popular in the native application.
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1. Allow push notifications in web site.
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2. Notification is displayed on the home screen even if they close the browser
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3. When you tap the notification you can access the web site.

Available Features

Push notification
by specifying
the date and time

Push notification
to the fixed time

Automatic invalidation
of a non-corresponding

Push permission settings
according to the user
behavior (in future)

Customizing delivery
content tailored
to user behavior (in future)

Effect measurement
of each scenario (in future)

It will work in these cases (in future)

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Notice the updated content
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Real estate
Push notification to the person who inquiry has not been completed
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Online Shopping
Deliver deals to people who visited the campaign page
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Human Resources / Job Offer
To promote the repeat of the person who passed two weeks from the last visit

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